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About Us

Our Priority

In KINIT, we do not sacrifice the long-term value for the short-term results, in our years of life, we don't leave our customers dissatisfied or disappointed, that is why we put such low prices, we have the best services to ask or chat about Whatever it is with us, we have the best products for any dragon ball fan.

Although we only earn 1 USD for each purchase, we will always give low prices, the best customer service, and we will only sell the best products.

Our promise

We know that the majority of stores on the internet and physical stores speculate prices a lot and raise the price depending on the value they create, that makes me very suspicious, many times they even triple the prices.

All prices shown in KYNIT are the real prices, that is why we have the cheapest prices in the market.

What we offer?

The characteristic that I like most about KYNIT is that we send our products absolutely to everyone, nobody will be left without their favorite figure, everyone has access to our products and services.

Another characteristic that we value even more is the trained staff we have, all of us in KYNIT are clear that all decisions have to end with one or more happy customers, since our vision is long term. By this I mean that any doubt you have, any question or suggestion you can think of, we will answer immediately.

Last but not least, security, but not only the security of check out (PayPal, Stripe, Visa ...), the security of prices, that is, you can be sure that we do not play with prices as they do other stores, you will soon see that prices are much cheaper than all companies.